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A superb new book. This book is a major work and deserves to be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in 20th century design. Deco Radio pays attention to detail in stories of design, manufacture and marketing of the radios and is enhanced by excellent photography and layout, all the work of the author. And what about the radios, all shown in glorious colour in the Radio Gallery section. What a treasure trove from around the globe, some accompanied by archival photos and advertisements.


                            Spirit of Progress, Journal of Art Deco & Modernist Society Australia; p7 Spring Issue 2014





In his latest (book) as well as telling the stories behind their evolution, Sheridan has done a masterful job of capturing their simplicity and elegance in 380 pictures

                         Australian Financial Review Magazine Nov 2014




This is a serious contender for the best coffee-table book on radio ever printed. Not just aimed at the wireless enthusiast, Decoradio succeeds at attracting art-deco followers, people with an interest in beautiful objects and the early history of industrial design. Decoradio as it happens, is jam–packed with beautiful objects. The subtitle says it all: the most beautiful radios ever made. I recommend this book.

                        Carl Glover, Editor, Bulletin, British Vintage Wireless Society (in press)


Sydney dentist’s art deco radio collection sparks offer from Sheikh of Qatar – ABC News (see video)

It was on a visit to London in the late 1990s that Sydney dentist Peter Sheridan spotted a bright green bakelite radio in a jewellery shop. “I thought it was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen,” he recalls. The radio was a 1937 American-made Emerson produced during the golden age of radio broadcasting – a time when radio provided cheap entertainment for families struggling in the depression years. Mr Sheridan was fascinated with the style and beauty of the radio’s design. The purchase of the Emerson was be the start of what would become arguably one of the world’s best collections of art deco radios. “From a design point of view they are spectacular,” he said. “In the 1930s everyone wanted a radio. The manufacturers are seeing a huge future and you’ve got these industrial designers in the United States – it’s a fledgling profession and these guys are

Art deco bakelite radio

Art deco bakelite radio awa fretnfoot green blkcompletely unknown. “They’ve all come from different fields – theatre design, architecture, set design, furniture design, and they’ve all started to try and sell themselves as industrial designers. But the only thing that’s selling in the early 1930s is radios.” The end result was a revolution in the design world as the coloured portable bakelite radios replaced the heavy wooden radio console. “The mantel radio changed the listener from the family to the individual,” he said.”The moment they started selling these coloured radios, specifically targeting women, you suddenly see the ability of the individual to choose their own programs.” Mr Sheridan now has more than 300 radios beautifully displayed in his apartment in Sydney.He hopes his radios will find a public home in the future and has knocked back offers from people like the Sheikh of Qatar to buy the collection. He has just published a photographic display of his radios in his book Deco Radio: The Most Beautiful Radios Ever Made in which he pays homage to the radios he describes as important icons in the history of art deco and industrial design. “The book reflects my appreciation of this revolution in design,” he said. With most of the available wall space in his apartment taken up with his beautiful radios it seems his collection may be complete. “It’s not the biggest [collection] but it’s the best,” he said.


A beautiful and informative book. Deco Radio reveals the fascinating story behind these beautiful radios and looks at the influence Art Deco and Industrial Design had on the evolution of radio styling in the 1930s and 1940s

                   Radio New Zealand; Afternoons 06/11/2014


A lavish book

               James Cockington , Money Sydney Morning Herald 05/11/2014


The stunning new book from author, historian, and Art Deco devotee Peter Sheridan, showcases these often overlooked icons of Art Deco. The book’s Radio Gallery includes Sheridan’s beautiful color photographs of 300 radios from fifteen countries

               A Look Inside Kathleen Skolnik, Editor Journal of Chicago Art Deco Society (in press)


Listen to The Golden Days Of Radio

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If you’ve a friend who has everything and you can never think of a gift then I may have a solution for you. It’s a book called Deco Radio –the most beautiful radios ever made.  An incredible photo gallery and a wonderful collectors item. What a book. Some of the most incredible photos and some wonderful history of this incredible medium.

Chris Smith 2GB …The Golden Days of Radio Fr1 31st Oct 2014


Margaret Throsby’s Midday Conversation                  Listen                


Throsby ABC 26 11 2014



“Peter Sheridan’s new book is called Deco Radio – and it’s a beauty. These radios you’ve photographed for your book are exquisite, they are sensationally good looking. I was swept away by these radios. I work in the industry and I hadn’t seen anything like these radios until I opened your book. They are breathtakingly beautiful objects.”

Margaret Throsby- Midday Conversation : ABC Classic FM Wed 26th Nov 2014 and Wed Dec 24th 2014



                                                                                                                           The Most Beautiful Radios Ever Made (listen to the interview)

Steve Price  is joined by Peter Sheridan whose new book Deco Radio features a stunning range of Art Deco Radios.                                


2GB steve price 7th Nov 2014


It’s a beautiful book……just spectacular

    Steve Price 2GB Nights with Steve Price







BY Design 2014-11-29

 Peter Sheridan has recently released a comprehensive book devoted to documenting his collection of some of the rarest radios ever designed for the home and workplace, including the work of Industrial Design legends such as Raymond Loewy

                  Fenella Kernabone Radio National By Design 29/11/2014